IHR Food History Seminar

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Date / time: 18 January - 15 March, 5:30 pm

North American History Room, IHR, Senate House

IHR Food History Seminar

Venue: North American History Room, 2nd floor, IHR, North Block, Senate House. Time: Thursday, 17.30

18 January ‘A hungry stomach rarely despises common food’: Medical Advice and Food Consumption in the Early Modern Period, Giovanni Pozzetti (Leeds University)

1 February Creating Culinary ‘Common Knowledge’ in Eighteenth and Nineteenth Century British Cookery Books: A Study of Weights and Measures, Elspeth Dow (National Maritime Museum)

15 February Festivity, Conviviality and Sociability: Eating Symbols in Early Modern Norfolk and Norwich, Victor Morgan (University of East Anglia)

1 March The Profit of Bees and Honey: Beekeeping Manuals on the Cusp of Scientific Study, 1568- 1657, Matt Phillpott (School of Advanced Studies)

15 March Food, Travel, and the Evolution of Food TourismPaul Cleave (University of Exeter)

For further enquiries please contact: foodhistoryseminar@gmail.com or follow us on Twitter: @IHR_FoodHist