The History and Function of Empathy in Historical Studies

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Date / time: 19 January, 12:00 pm - 1:30 pm

Room 790, Core B, UCL Institute of Education

The History and Function of Empathy in Historical Studies

UCL Institute of Education History in Education Special Interest Group Open Seminar

Dr Tyson Retz, University of Melbourne.

In this presentation I explore the link between empathy, the history discipline, the philosophy of history and history education. It explains how empathy became a central structural concept in school history teaching and how Collingwood was used to provide it with a theoretical foundation. Having found this conception to be methodologically inadequate, I return to the concept’s roots in German historicism and follow its development through the nineteenth- and twentieth-century hermeneutical traditions. The conjunction of Collingwood and Gadamer on the importance of the logic of question and answer is offered as illuminating the historical context that empathy should attempt to reconstruct.

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