Gresham College History Lecture Programme 2016-2017

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Date / time: 20 September - 15 June, 6:00 pm

Gresham College

Gresham College History Lecture Programme 2016-2017

This set of 25 Lectures are free and will take place at Barnard’s Inn Hall, High Holborn (EC1N 2HH), a minute’s walk from Chancery lane tube station and the Museum of London, Barbican EC2Y 5HN. The lectures will be accessible to the general public on a first come first served basis and begin promptly at 1pm and 6pm, depending on the lecture.


20 September 2016: Professor Vernon Bogdanor ‘Queen Victoria’. 6pm, Museum of London

21 September 2016: Professor David Jacques, FSA ‘The Cradle of Stonehenge? Blickmead – a Mesolithic Site in the Stonehenge Landscape’. 1pm, Museum of London.

27 September 2016: Professor Paul Cartledge ‘Ten Things You Really Should Know About Ancient Greek Democracy’. 6pm, Barnard’s Inn Hall



5 October 2016: Colin Matthew Lecture for the Public Understanding of History. Tristram Hunt, MP ‘Ten Cities That Built an Empire. Understanding British Imperialism Through the Urban Past’. 6pm, Museum of London

10 October 2016: Jon Cotton ‘The Early River Thames: The Iron Age and Before’. 1pm, Museum of London

17 October 2016: Dr Gustav Milne ‘The Growth of London as a Port from Roman to Medieval Times’. 1pm, Museum of London

24 October 2016: Elliott Wragg ‘From Sail to Steam: London’s Role in a Shipbuilding Revolution’. 1pm, Museum of London

31 October 2016: Dr Katherine Riggs ‘The Port of London and its Future’. 1pm, Museum of London



2 November 2016: Dr Simon Thurley ‘Saving the Twentieth Century’. 6pm, Museum of London

8 November 2016: Professor Vernon Bogdanor ‘King Edward VII’. 6pm, Museum of London

22 November 2016: Dr Richard Serjeantson ‘Thomas More’s Magnificent Utopia. 6pm, Museum of London



7 December 2016: Dr Simon Thurley ‘Tough Choices: Heritage or Housing?‘. 6pm, Museum of London



17 January 2017: Dr Juliet Shields ‘Did Sir Walter Scott Invent Scotland?‘. 1pm, Museum of London

17 January 2017: Professor Vernon Bogdanor ‘King George V’. 6pm, Museum of London



1 February 2017: Dr Simon Thurley ‘Perfection or Pastiche? New Buildings in Old Places’. 6pm, Museum of London

23 February 2017: Dr Aidan McQuade ‘Numberless Diverse Acts of Courage and Belief: the Struggle Against Slavery in History and in the Present’. 6pm, Barnard’s Inn Hall


MARCH 2017

7 March 2017: Professor Dominic Lieven ‘The February Revolution in Russia’. 6pm, Museum of London

8 March 2017: Dr Simon Thurley ‘The Value of Heritage and the Heritage of Value’. 6pm, Museum of London

14 March 2017: Professor Vernon Bogdanor ‘King Edward VIII’. 6pm, Museum of London

23 March 2017: Professor Eric Pallant ‘The Rise and Fall of Sourdough: 6,000 Years of Bread’. 6pm, Barnard’s Inn Hall


APRIL 2017

25 April 2017: Professor Vernon Bogdanor ‘King George VI’. 6pm, Museum of London


MAY 2017

16 May 2017: Professor Vernon Bogdanor ‘Queen Elizabeth II’. 6pm, Museum of London


JUNE 2017

7 June 2017: Dr Simon Thurley, Desmond Fitzpatrick ‘Fifty Years of Conservation Areas’. 6pm Museum of London

15 June 2017: Professor Sir Richard Evans ‘Migration: A Historical Perspective’. 6pm, Museum of London