With Great Power: Political leaders, popular legacies

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Date / time: 2 June - 30 June, 12:00 am

The British Academy

With Great Power: Political leaders, popular legacies

One year on from the UK General Election, and with the US Presidential Election in full swing, the British Academy explores the concept of political leadership. What does it take to inspire action; to create, change and use the will of a people? How have we judged those who hold political power and how do we continue to remember them?

Renowned political scientist Joe Nye will discuss political power on the global stage in a talk about America’s role in the world in this election year. Other events include a talk by historian Margaret MacMillan on personality and the role of the individual in history, and a panel discussion questioning whether social media is becoming a political force in its own right. To conclude the month’s events, creator and author of House of Cards, Lord Michael Dobbs, will talk about his experience of treading the line between fact and fiction in the world of politics.

All ten events are free to attend. For more information and to register, please visit http://www.britishacademy.ac.uk/greatpower.

With Great Power programme