Global Social History: Class and Social Transformation in World History

Date / time: 29 August - 30 August, All day

Global Social History: Class and Social Transformation in World History

Convenors: Christof Dejung (University of Bern) and David Motadel (London School of Economics)

This conference interweaves global and social history, exploring global social history as a new field of historical inquiry. The papers aim to demonstrate that we cannot understand the emergence and transformation of social groups across the modern world, such as the aristocracy, the economic bourgeoisie, the educated middle classes, or the peasantry, without considering the impact of global entanglements on class formation. Moreover, the contributions aim to show that we have to examine globalization as a social process which was shaped not least by the agency of particular social groups.

Bringing together established and early career scholars from the fields of social history, global history, labour history, and imperial history, the conference will examine the differences and similarities between particular social groups and processes of stratification in different world areas and their interrelations between the early modern period and the twentieth century. Overall, it will make a substantial contribution to the discipline: it aims to add a global dimension to the field of social history, and to introduce social historical questions to the field of global history.

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Location: London School of Economics, Houghton Street, Old Building, Vera Anstey Room, London WC2A 2AE