German Historical Institute Seminars and Lectures 2015

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Date / time: 27 January - 3 March, 5:30 pm - 6:30 pm

German Historical Institute, London

German Historical Institute Seminars and Lectures 2015

4 February 2015   Frank Bosch (Potsdam)  Fault Lines of Modernity: Global Effects of Regional Events at the End of the 1970s

Uffa Jensen (Berlin)   Did Freud Really Invent Psychoanalysis? A Global History in Berlin, London and Calcutta 1910-1940


27 January 2015   Patrick Harries (Basel) The Long Middle Passage: Cape Town, the Americas, and the East African Slave Trade

 10 February 2015   David D’Avray (London)  Medieval and Early Modern Catholicism: How Different were They?

17 February 2015   Harriet Rudolph (Regensburg)   Entangled Objects? The Material Culture of Cross-Cultural Negotiations: Habsburg-Ottoman Diplomacy (1527-1648)

3 March 2015   Alexander Nutzenadel (Berlin)  Capitalism from Below: Urban Real Estate Markets and Homeownership in Europe around 1900

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