German Historical Institute Autumn Lecture Series 2023 – LECTURES

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Date / time: 12 September - 12 December, 5:30 pm

German Historical Institute London / Senate House

German Historical Institute Autumn Lecture Series 2023 - LECTURES


German Historical Institute London Autumn Lecture Series 2023

Tuesday, 12 September GHIL / Zoom 5.30pm

Short Film as Global Form: India c. 1940-1960

Ravi Vasudevan (Centre for the Study of Developing Societies, Delhi)

Tuesday, 10 October GHIL / Zoom 5.30pm

Peasants, Wars, and Evil Coins: Towards a ‘Monetary Turn’ in Explaining the Revolution of 1525

Philipp Rössner (University of Manchester)

Tuesday, 17 October GHIL / Zoom 5.30pm

Becoming Catholic in the Middle East: Early Modern Fantasies and Modern Myths

John-Paul Ghobrial (University of Oxford)

Friday, 10 November Senate House / Zoom 5.30pm

In co-operation with the Modern History Research Seminar, University of Oxford

Societies under Siege: Experiencing States of Emergency in the Long Twentieth Century

Stefanie Middendorf (Friedrich Schiller University Jena)

Tuesday, 12 December Senate House / Zoom 5.30pm

Chasing a Phantom: An African Skull in European Politics

Jesse Bucher (Roanoke College, Salem, VA) and Bettina Brockmeyer (Justus Liebig University Giessen)

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