Feeling Medieval: The Inaugural Conference of the Society for the Study of Medieval Emotions

Date / time: 31 May - 1 June, 9:00 am - 6:10 pm

Feeling Medieval: The Inaugural Conference of the Society for the Study of Medieval Emotions


Feeling Medieval: The Inaugural Conference of the Society for the Study of Medieval Emotions, is taking place on Tuesday 31 May–Wednesday 1 June 2022. The conference will be held in a hybrid format, and we therefore welcome online attendance.

It is free to attend online via Microsoft Teams, but please register at: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/feeling-medieval-the-inaugural-conference-of-ssme-tickets-332609382617. The link will be disseminated 24 hours before the conference.

Please see below for full programme details.

Tuesday 31 May 2022

09:00–10:15    Keynote Lecture

Finding Emotion in Medieval English Law – Wendy Turner (Augusta University)

10:15–10:30    Break

10:30–12:00    Sources for Medieval Emotions

Angry Mobs: Crowds, Emotions, and Justice, ca. 1100 – Katharina Ulrike Mersch (Goethe-Universität)

Emotions in the Letters of Fifteenth-Century English Letter Collections: The Cely and Paston Letters – Martina Häcker (Johannes Gutenberg-Universität Mainz)               

Simon of Tournai’s Blasphemy and the Fear of Godlessness: Getting Emotions from Accusations – Keagan Brewer (Macquarie University)

12:00–13:00    Lunch

13:00–14:30    Methodological Approaches to Emotions Study

Sensing the Emotions: Mind and Body in Early Medieval Gaul – John Merrington (University of Oxford)

Textometry as a Method for Analysing Medieval Emotions? The Case of Peter Damian (1007–1072/73) and His Combat Letters – Valérie Thon (Université de Paris & Université de Liège)

Narratological and Cognitive Approaches to the Study of Emotions in Medieval Romance – Sonia García de Alba (Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg)

Emotional Regimes in Anglo-French Surgery, 1200–1400 – Fiona Knight (University of Cambridge)

14:30–14:45    Break

14:45–16:15    Multidisciplinary Approaches to Emotion

Transient-yet-Reminiscent Emotions among Medieval Believers on Romanesque Sculpted Capitals – Hee Sook Lee-Niinioja (Independent Scholar)

The Text and the Cemetery: Seeking Expressions of Parental Love in Early Medieval England – Julie Kilbey (University of Birmingham)

Moral Agency and Shame in Medieval Philosophical Psychology – Ritva Palmén (University of Helsinki)

16:15–16:30    Break

16:30–18:00    Approaching Emotions in Literature

Repetition, Recollection and Spiritual Affect in the Wooing Group Texts – Anne Baden-Daintree (University of Bristol)

‘Spacious Joy’: Entering Joy in Medieval Literature – Lucie Kaempfer (University of Düsseldorf)

Swa Micclum Geangsumod Þæt He Hine Sylfen Acwealde: Self-Killing and Emotion in Old English Literature – Kayla Kemhadjian (University of Leeds)

She Never Wept: Guðrún’s Subversion of the Civilizing Hall in Atlakviða – Juliane Witte (Utrecht University)

Wednesday 1 June 2022

09:00–10:15    Keynote Lecture

‘Lo, yonder he rit!’ Performance and Performativity in Middle English – Carolyne Larrington (University of Oxford)

10:15–10:30    Break

10:30–12:00    Performing Emotions: Tears and Rituals of Sorrow

The Politics of Grief in The History of William Marshal – Lili Scott Lintott (University of St Andrews/University of Glasgow)

Tears, Weeping, and Sorrow in the Writings of Innocent III and His Curia (1198–1216) – Kirsty Day (Aalborg University)

Guidelines for Grievers: Reconstructing a Medieval Protocol for Mourning – Ana del Campo (University of St Andrews)

Grief and Grievance: Emotive Performativities in Hary’s Wallace – Kate Ash-Irisarri (University of Bristol)

12:00–13:00    Lunch

13:00–14:30    Emotions, Crusading, and Methodologies

The Angry Crusader: Tancred’s Rage in the Sources – Francesca Petrizzo (University of Leeds)

Fear and Joy in the Holy Land: The Franks of Jerusalem as an Emotional Community, 1099–1187 – Alan Murray (University of Leeds)

The Function of Emotions in Geoffrey of Villehardouin’s Conqueste de Constantinople – Holly Dempster-Edwards (University of Liverpool)

The Virgin Mary as a Zarte Mait? Authorial Judgments and the Emotionality of the Kronike von Pruzinlant – Patrick Eickman (University of Wisconsin-Madison)

14:30–14:45    Break

14:45–16:15    Non-Christian Sources for Medieval Emotions

Preaching Justice and Piety: Ibn al-Jawzi and the Emotive Turn in Medieval Islamic Political Thought – Han Hsien Liew (Arizona State University)

Mining and Modelling Subjectivity in the Islamic West: The Emotional Transition of the Fourteenth Century – Laila M. Jreis Navarro (Universidad de Zaragoza)

Weeping Barbarians: Emotion and Ethnocultural Identity in Cross-Border Confrontations in Medieval East Asia – Ya Zuo (University of California)

16:15–16:30    Break

16:30–18:00    Narrating Emotion

‘Heroic’ Empathy and Schadenfreude: Emotional Constituents of Justice in Middle High German Heroic Epic – Christopher Liebtag Miller (University of Notre Dame)

‘De los sos ojos tan fuertemente llorando’: Weeping in the Cantar de Mio Cid – Connie L. Scarborough (Texas Tech University)

‘Pensa Oggimai Per Te’: Emotion, Narrator, Reader in Dante’s Divina Commedia – Kathleen Verduin (Hope College)

18:00–18:10    Closing remarks

We would like to thank the following institutions, whose generous funding has made this event possible: the Past & Present Society; Royal Historical Society; St Andrews Institute of Medieval Studies; School of History, St Andrews; St Leonard’s Doctoral and Postgraduate College; Department of History, King’s College London

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at socmedievalemotions@gmail.com.