Creative History in the Classroom: Workshop 5 Feeling Creative

Date / time: 14 December, 3:30 pm - 5:30 pm

This is the penultimate workshop of the series ‘Creative history in the Classroom’. This workshop will explore feelings of creativity. Topics include affective creativity, critical crafting, emotions, creative assessments, objects and family collections. Read more about the series here:

Papers will include:

  • Sierra Mckinney, ‘Creating Affect and Affectively Creating’
  • Lucía Ruiz, ‘Objects, affections and family collections for historical understanding’.
  • Sarah Holland, ‘Assessing History Creatively’
  • Mary Elizabeth Leighton and Andrea Korda, ‘Critical Crafting in the Humanities Classroom’

Abstracts can be read here:

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Image: Wiki Commons