Creative History in Classroom: Workshop 3, Places of Creativity

Date / time: 10 November, 3:30 pm - 5:30 pm

The third workshop in a larger series that reflects on how history lecturers, broadly defined, engage with and use creative methods in the higher education classroom. We know that history is a creative endeavor. Historians are storytellers who not only write history, but also tell a story of the past through the creative curation of archival sources. When we teach history, we often obscure our creative practices and thinking. This programme explores how we should use creativity in designing, delivering, and communicating the past to students.

This work explores the places of creativity (both analogue and digital). Topics: walking tours, digital mapping tools, makerspace, inclusivity, doodling, primary sources, creative writing.

Dr Jill Stewart and Dr Zoë Hendon, ‘A Walk-through Housing History’
Hannah Ewence, ‘From doodles to cartography: Using digital mapping tools in the history classroom’
Michael Talbot, ‘Creative methods for teaching histories of the Middle East’
Katherine Cook, ‘Making the Past: Co-Creation and Collaborative Makerspace for Unsettling History and Archaeology’

Abstract can be found here:

Image: Wiki Commons