Communities and Society in Early Modern Britain and Ireland

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Date / time: 14 July, 9:00 am - 5:00 pm

Learning and Teaching Building, Clifton Campus, Nottingham Trent University

Communities and Society in Early Modern Britain and Ireland

All enquiries regarding registration should be directed to Professor Martyn Bennett

Provisional Programme

9.00-9.30 Registration CLLTL4

9.30-9.45 Room: CLLTL4 Welcome and housekeeping

9.45-10.45 Plenary Lecture Room: CLLTL4 Chair: Maxine Spry Professor Peter Marshall, Warwick University, ‘Changing Identities in the English Reformation’

10.45-12.00 Session One Room: CTLP08.

Language and literature Chair Helen Drew Sara Bradley, NTU, Protestant propaganda or national pride? The role of anti-Spanish sentiment in English pamphlets between 1585 and 1589.

Charles Adam Green, University of Birmingham And new Philosophy cals all in doubt’: Reconsidering the Impact of John Donne’s Anniversaries (1611/12)

12.00-12.15 Coffee

12.15-1.30 Session Two Room: CTLP08:

Religion or Religious Change Chair Richard Bullock Ben Rogers, Univ. of Edinburgh: The relationship between centre and locality in the implementation of Religious Comprehension in Post-Revolutionary Scotland, 1689-1695.

Dr Stuart Jennings: University or Warwick Geography, settlement patterns and the persistence of religious dissent: Nottinghamshire 1600-1700 a case study

1.30-2.15 Lunch

2.15-3.45 Session Three Room: CTLP08

Society Chair Sara Bradley Kimberley Pullen, University of Leicester, Enclosure and Welfare in Early Modern Society: Leicestershire and Rutland, 1700-1815

Bethany Marsh, Nottingham University, ‘Midlands Hospitality: Irish Refugees in Staffordshire and Nottinghamshire, 1641 to 1651’

Rachel Small, University of Leicester, Food, identity and humoral theory in early modern England: a case study from Leicestershire

3.45-4.00 Coffee/tea

3.45-5.15 Session Four Room: CTLP08

Gender Chair Lucy Ann Judd Professor Marie-Louise Coolahan, NUI Galway: The Reception and Circulation of Early Modern Women’s Writing, 1550-1700

Stuart Beale, University of Leicester: War Widows and Revenge in Restoration England