Reception, Reputation and Circulation in the Early Modern World, 1500-1800

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Date / time: 22 March - 25 March, 12:00 am

Moore Institute, National University of Ireland

Reception, Reputation and Circulation in the Early Modern World, 1500-1800


  • Ruth Ahnert (QMUL)
  • Sebastian Ahnert (Cambridge)
  • Robin Buning (Oxford)
  • Marc Caball (UCD)
  • Liesbeth Corens (Cambridge)
  • Gillian Dow (Southampton)
  • Julia Flanders (Northeastern)
  • Juliet Fleming (NYU)
  • Jaime Goodrich (Wayne State)
  • Jerome de Groot (Manchester)
  • Anne Larsen (Hope College)
  • Katherine Larson (Toronto)
  • Jason McElligott (Marsh’s Library)
  • Jennifer Richards (Newcastle, UK)
  • Eleanor Rycroft (Bristol)
  • Alex Samson (UCL)
  • Helen Smith (York)
  • Rosalind Smith (Newcastle, Australia)
  • Micheline White (Carleton)

This international conference will bring together scholars working on the reception of texts,the reputations of authors and individuals, and the circulation of people and things in the early modern world.

  • How did texts circulate in the early modern world?
  • How were authorial reputations fashioned?
  • How did gender affect the reception and/or circulation of texts?
  • How did circulation forge religious, scientific, or social networks?
  • How did cross-cultural encounters affect the circulation of texts, ideas, reputations,people, and goods across national and linguistic boundaries?
  • How were texts and authors received through media such as embroidery, artwork, or musical settings?
  • How can materiality affect reception?
  • What can quantitative methodologies tell us about textual transmissionand/or authorial or personal reputations?
  • How can digital scholarship help us understand networks of circulation and influence?