Portraits of Integrity

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Date / time: 11 December - 12 December, All day

Institute of Advanced Studies

Portraits of Integrity

We want our friends, our children, our leaders to have integrity, and not to compromise it – and we think we can recognize it when we see it. So to understand what integrity is, and what it means for us, we should look to those that have it. This conference will share a series of detailed portraits of historical, fictional and contemporary figures whose lives raise questions about what integrity is, what it is worth, how it is enabled or endangered, and at what cost. We welcome contributions from any disciplinary perspective.

A variety of detailed portraits of integrity bring along a range of ways of conceptualizing what this integrity is, and the role it plays in an individual and in people’s lives, and together these will bring to light what matters to us in this central but elusive value. As consideration of cases shows, integrity is not always pretty. People of integrity look stubborn to others and careless of consequences. Can one have things that are valuable in integrity while maintaining one’s humanity?

Further details can be found on our website. Portraits will be selected for panel-based presentation at the conference; additional portraits, based on abstracts, may be published in the conference programme.

You can find out more about the Integrity project here

Thanks to the generous support of the British Academy and Durham University there will be no registration fee and we may be able to offer support for travel and expenses to speakers.