From Heraclius to Urban II: Trends and Themes in Medieval Christian Holy War

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Date / time
Date(s) - 1 May
All day

University of Cambridge


Convenors: James Kane,Sam Ottewill-Soulsby, and Robert Evans

Christian Holy War has long exercised historians. Research has traditionally focused upon the distinctiveness of Crusading (set apart from earlier Christian warfare) and the teleological development of previous centuries of holy war culminating in the Crusades. This symposium aims to restore earlier religious military conflicts to the discussion in their own right and address problems with defining Holy War.

We aim to shake up strict periodization between the Early and High Middle Ages. We want to explore the interplay between ideas about and the reality of Holy War and include perspectives from the Latin West, the Greek east and beyond in order to shed light on the theory and practice of Christian Holy War.

We are delighted to announce our keynote speaker Professor John France (Swansea). Accommodation and travel expenses for speakers will be provided. This conference will take place over one day at the University of Cambridge.

The convenors would like to express their gratitude to the AHRC and the George Macaulay Trevelyan Fund.

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