Becoming a Historian

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Date / time: 21 June, 6:00 pm - 7:30 pm

Institute of Historical Research

Becoming a Historian


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Join IHR Director and authors, Penelope J. Corfield and Tim Hitchcock to celebrate the launch of Becoming a Historian: An Informal Guide (Opens in new window).

Writing history is an art and a craft. This handbook is designed to support research students and independent scholars in showing how the historical profession works, and how they can participate in this vibrant community of scholars. This friendly guide will help you design big research projects, the difference between quantitative and qualitative research methodologies and how to follow your project through to a positive conclusion. It is also frank about the pains and pleasures of sticking with a long-term project. And it finally explains how to present original research to wider audiences, including the appropriate use of social media, the art of public lecturing, and strategies for publication.

Written by esteemed historians, Penelope J. Corfield and Tim Hitchcock, Becoming a Historian seeks to explode the myths and systems that can make the world of research seem intimidating and instead offers step-by-step advice designed to make it easier to join this vibrant community of scholarship.