Bayly Conference

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Date / time: 19 May - 20 May, All day

Palace Green Learning Centre, Durham University

Bayly Conference

Bayly Conference

19th May 2017, 17:15 to 20th May 2017, 19:00, Palace Green Learning Centre

A two-day conference taking place in Durham.

There is a registration fee of £10. Please email to register.

Friday, 19th May

Location: Palace Green Learning Centre

5.15pm Christof Dejung (Konstanz) – ‘Are we all global historians now? Connections, comparisons and frames of reference in world historical research’

7.30pm Dinner

Saturday, 20th May

Location: Palace Green Learning Centre

9.30am Welcome and introductions

10am Andrew Arsan (Cambridge) – ‘Of upward and downward hermeneutics: Chris Bayly and the social life of ideas’

11am-11.15am Coffee break

11.15am-12.30pm SESSION 1: Asia

Elisabeth Leake (Leeds) – ‘Local, regional, and global conceptions of Pashtun ‘tribes’ in the modern world’

Jonathan Saha (Leeds) – ‘Animal Life and the Death of a Colonial Metropolis: Yangon, 1938-1949’

Sare Aricanli (Durham) – ‘Bayly on China’

12.30pm-1.15pm LUNCH

1.15pm-2.30pm SESSION 2: Empire

Mark Frost (Essex), ‘Of ecumenes and modernity: Revisiting Empire and Information’

Rachel Johnson (Durham), ‘The Making of Modern Africa and The Birth of the Modern World: problematising Africa’s place in the world with first year undergraduates’

David Lowther (Newcastle / Durham), ‘Empire, Information, and the Imagining of India’

2.30pm-3.45pm SESSION 3: Global histories

Aaron Graham (UCL), ‘Rulers, townsmen and bazaars in North America, c. 1700-83’

Bernhard Struck (St Andrews), ‘Prussia’s Atlantic History: Imperial rivalries, the Partitions of Poland-Lithuania and French Guiana in a (speculative) global context, 1760s-1790s’

Felicia Gottmann (Dundee), ‘Proto-globalisation, bodily practices, and imperial crisis: recent work on global cottons’

3.45pm-4.00pm Coffee break

4pm-5pm Ruth Harris (Oxford) – Margaret Noble and Vivekananda: Aggression, Submission and the Spirituality of Nationalism in India

5pm Discussion

7pm Conference Dinner