Public Statements

The Royal Historical Society is dedicated to supporting historians individually and as a discipline, and to encouraging, facilitating and supporting work towards greater equality, inclusion and representation in historical practice, research and teaching..

However, the Society does not normally comment in public (e.g. through social media) on situations such as industrial disputes or redundancy decisions, particularly when these are the province of trade unions.

Individual RHS Staff, Council members and Officers are of course free to express their personal opinions on such matters, but we ask that they take into account the RHS Social Media guidelines when doing so.

In circumstances where UK History departments or programmes face closure or downsizing, or in other particular situations involving Members or Fellows we are happy to work with affected staff at a local level at the direct, confidential request of staff in affected units.

The Society’s Executive Secretary is normally the first point of contact in this context. Contact details of RHS staff can be found here.

We do not have the expertise or capacity to intervene in situations outside the UK.