The Trafalgar Chronicle 2018 : Nelson’s Other Women – call for papers

14 August 2017

The next edition of the Trafalgar Chronicle, TC 2018 new series 3, carries the title ‘Nelson’s Other Women’ and is themed on women and the sea in the age of the Georgian navy.

Women have for various reasons left a light footprint in the sands of history, and historians (mainly men) have unfairly overlooked women and their importance in the tide of events.   Recently Dr Margarette Lincoln’s wrote that ‘Women’s contribution to British naval supremacy in the long eighteenth century tends to be neglected or sensationalised’.   The next edition of the Trafalgar Chronicle will attempt to redress the balance.

Already some excellent articles by first class authors have been promised, but more are wanted.  Subjects will include:

  • Soldiers’ wives aboard naval transports during the Napoleonic War
  • Women convicts on passage to Australia
  • Mary Ann Taylor – a man who disguised herself as man to go to sea
  • Lady Bentinck – who dressed as a Royal Marine officer to visit North Africa
  • Cuba Cornwallis – the black nurse who save many lives in the West Indies
  • Sexual health in Nelson’s Navy
  • The Widow Martin who survived Mutiny in HMS Hermione
  • And a Swedish pirate queen

Other articles are welcome, for example about emigrants to the USA, women’s lives at home while their menfolk were away, the payment of allotments, etc.

First-time papers by undergraduates and by students of the period are particularly welcome, and proposals should be made to the editor at

Papers should be 3,000 to 5,000 words in length.  A style guide and a synopsis is available. The deadline for copy is 1 May 2018