Royal Television Society: The Great History Debate 10 October 2017

14 August 2017

Royal Television Society: The Great History Debate

10 October 2017

Once upon a time, in the dark pre digital age , history on tv consisted of  charismatic academics like  AJP Taylor standing at a lecturn and giving an hour long talk.

How times have changed.

Now presenters  travel across the globe to bring back stories, sometimes reflecting the dress and even the food of the era. And the long running classic documentaries with archive and voice over, have largely given way  to a rich  explosion of formats from lavish reconstructions and  living history to   compelling personal journeys.

In a crowded market ,history has become one of the most innovative genres in television  and  aims to attract  ever new audiences. But if history becomes entertainment rather than illustrated lecture does it trivialise its subject or  create a fresh imaginative take on dry subjects that brings historical knowledge to new audiences?.

As TV approaches its centenary to what extent have the subjects and viewpoints reflected the values of their time.

A cutting edge panel will discuss this, backed up by  clips from the different formats. On the panel are two high profile Historian Presenters, the BBCs commissioning editor of Specialist Factual, and the MD of Wall to Wall ,one of the biggest  and original history programme makers .

Look to them for  the future of the past.


Chair: Tony Robinson

Suzannah Lipscomb: Historian/Presenter

David Olusoga: Historian/ Presenter

Leanne Klein: MD Wall to Wall

Tom McDonald:Head Specialist Factual BBCtv


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