Marshall & Centenary Fellowships

Outbreak of Russian revolution, International Women’s Day, 23rd Feb 1917

The RHS gives priority to supporting early career historians, and for this reason we provide funding for Fellowships tenable at the Institute of Historical Research in London. We fund two Fellowships – the Marshall Fellowship and the Centenary Fellowship. Both are open to candidates without regard to nationality or academic affiliation.

P.J. Marshall Fellowship

This annual competition offers a one-year Fellowship or two six-month Fellowships worth a total of £15,726. The Marshall Fellowships are supported by the generosity of Professor Peter Marshall, formerly Rhodes Professor of Imperial History at King’s College London and President of the RHS in 1996-2000.

Aashique Ahmed Iqbal


In 2016/17 the Marshall Fellowship has been awarded jointly to:

Aashique Ahmed Iqbal (University of Oxford) for research on ‘Sovereign Skies: Aviation and the Indian State 1939-53’



Sam Drake

Sam Drake (Royal Holloway, University of London) for research on ‘Cornwall and the Kingdom: Connectivity, Cohesion, and Integration, c.1300-c.1420.’




Centenary Fellowship

Funded by the RHS, this one-year Fellowship worth £15,726 is advertised annually.

The Centenary Fellowship for 2016/17  has been awarded to Benjamin Savill (University of Oxford) for research on ‘Papal Privileges in Early Medieval England, c. 680-1073.’

 How to Apply

  • Fellowships are open to candidates without regard to nationality or academic affiliation.
  • The Fellowships are awarded to doctoral students who are completing a thesis in history (broadly defined) who have undertaken at least three years’ research on their chosen topic (and not more than four years full-time or six years part-time) at the beginning of the session for which the awards are made.
  • These awards cannot be held in conjunction with any other substantial maintenance grant.
  • To apply for either the Marshall or Centenary Research Fellowships and to obtain guidelines, please go to the IHR Fellowships pages at: .

All enquiries about the Marshall and Centenary Fellowships should be addressed to the IHR Fellowships Officer, Vanessa Rockel, at