History Workshop Journal/Past & Present Society

Egyptian tomb wall-painting, British Library

The History Workshop Journal (HWJ) and the Past and Present Society (P&P) both generously supplement our grant funding:

  • HWJ funds are to support conference attendance and research visits by unfunded research postgraduates registered at UK institutions. Apply for a HWJ grant for conference travel or research expenses.
  • P&P funds are intended to support students registered at UK institutions in conference attendance and research visits. Apply for a P&P grant for conference travel or research expenses.
  • P&P also provides funding for doctoral researchers who are studying at institutions outside the UK. Eligible overseas students will be either Members or Postgraduate Members of the RHS. Apply for research expenses for overseas students.

Stephanie Duensing received HWJ funding to visit archives in London for her doctorate ‘Spaces of Leisure and Consumption: The Materiality of Social Networking in Seventeenth-Century Urban London’.  She writes:

As a fully self-funded student my research’s success has been greatly dependent on funding of this nature. The £300 research grant allowed for travel to London upon three occasions and a total of two and a half weeks accommodation. This allowed time to access the needed resources and successfully complete my analysis which would have been otherwise impossible. As I am in my final year for research, I was in dire need of financial assistance to complete the final stages of my research for my thesis. This financial help was of great significance to me.”

All enquiries about research support applications should be addressed to the Administrative Secretary, Melanie Ransom, at: m.ransom@royalhistsoc.org