Call for Contributions. Tales of Ice and Fire: Queenship, Female Agency and the Role of Advice in Game of Thrones

15 December 2016

We are pleased to announce a call for contributions to a new collection of what will be a selection of ground-breaking scholarly essays to be edited by Zita Eva Rohr and Lisa Benz, in association with the Royal Studies Network. The collection will be published in a 90,000-word volume, which has already welcomed the interest of a major international scholarly press of considerable prestige and standing. It is the editors’ intention that the volume will likewise initiate a series of conference sessions to be sponsored by the Network at selected international conference events.

We seek proposals from distinguished scholars, early career researchers and exceptional graduate students who understand the importance of the Game of Thrones phenomenon to twenty-first century medieval, and early modern historical, feminist, gender, literary, and cultural studies. It has been noted elsewhere that premodern queens endured considerable challenges in the acquisition and maintenance of power and influence. The path to power for a premodern queen is still very much a road less travelled by researchers, one which increasingly demands rigorous exploration by specialist scholars to help us understand the challenges with which these women were confronted as well as their ultimate successes or failures. Game of Thrones is in some senses a watershed cultural moment, providing a platform from which to tackle questions and issues raised by popular culture, current geopolitics, and the study of premodern men and women and the times in which they lived.